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An epidemic that must be stopped!

With EVERY other one of the world's problems solved, the police are finally getting to tackle important issues...like underage tattoos!

Everett man accused of giving tattoo to girl, 15

Now...to clear this up, I'm really not trying to run down the police on this one. I'm sure that the mom who dialed 911 because her rebelious perfectly normal 15 year old daughter got a tattoo is a cast iron bitch who just wouldn't let this go.  In the end, you have to give the tax payers what they want. 

I'm sure everyone in the Snohomish County Sherrif's/Prosecutor's Office would much rather be working on REAL crime than running down a 18 year old who was just trying to give a young girl what she wanted.  Because she is underage, there are no pictures of the 15-year old to be found, but I would be willing to guess she's not unattractive, which explains WHY the 18-year old young man was dumb enough to do this.  I mean...they aren't even sure he's a licensed tattoo artist! 

In this case, the mom should be taken out behind the woodshed to have the Real World explained to her. 

As for the case in Centralia, with the 13-year old boy who got the dragon tattoo...good for him.  Good on him for beating leukemia, and double good on him for not ratting out who gave him his celebratory tattoo. 

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