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Patience is a virtue...

One of the nice things about when my wife makes her various jams is that there is usually a partial jar left at the end that isn't worth canning.  That means we throw it in the fridge for a bit, and within a few hours(or minutes) we get to test what the finished product tastes like.  That's very cool because not only do you get some instant gratification, but it has you looking forward to breaking one of those other jars open. 

On the other end of the 'gratification spectrum' are the pickles I have been making out our zucchini.  According to the directions for making them, you are supposed to wait
4-6 WEEKS for best flavor results. 

That's a month and a half!!!!!!!  It also means I have made 3 batches so far without being able to test the original batch yet.  What if I don't like pickled zucchini? 

Check back here in Mid to Late August for a potential Zucchini Pickle giveaway! 

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