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Yeah, it's kind of like that...

4th day on row of triple diget heat here in Eastern Washington, and man, am I a big baby.  18+ years of living in the Puget Sound area, where they high temperature for a YEAR could be 85 degrees has not prepared me for this.

It also hasn't prepared me for a hot day with wind. 

I always kind of liked a little breeze on a warm day...it helps with  the evaporative cooling, and makes you feel a little cooler.

Here though, with the thermometer standing at 102, and a fairly stiff 15mph breeze coming out of the desert, things were different...the wind made things WORSE.

The best way I can explain it is to try sitting on your couch, while someone holds a running blow-dryer about 1 foot away from your face...ick.

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  1. Dude. I feel your pain.

    Here in central TX we had a storm front come through that lowered out temps to the high 90's and put the humidity around 75%.

    But Thurs. we'll be in the 100+ and still have that humidity from the rain.