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(Not So)Lazy Sunday.

Sunday...the day before most people start their normal work week.  The two extremes of how you can spend that day is either kicking back and doing nothing, as you mentally prepare for the week ahead, or by getting everything done you should have gotten done days ago.  Around here, we are splitting the difference:

The cats were gracious enough to volunteer to cover the whole 'doing nothing' part, while I fired up my lawn mower right at 9:01(I was up earlier than that...I just don't want to piss of the neighbors by mowing at 6:30).  Once the lawn was taken care of, I fired up the AC so I could steam up the kitchen, canning a few pints of Giardiniera, with some of this(home grown green peppers and zucchini) and that(store bought cauliflower, carrots and red/yellow bell peppers). 

You can tell it's homemade, because no jar has the exact same ratio of contents as any other jar. 

Soon, it will be my turn to nap.  Trying to make up production time lost, we are working a graveyard shift at work tonight, and I need to cover it.  I more than slightly hate double shifts.  As a manager, I don't get time and a half, and if things are too busy for me to leave early tomorrow afternoon, it means I will potentially be leaving the house at 10:30ish tonight, and not getting home until 5ish tomorrow afternoon.

Ick, Ick, Ick. 

But, at least I should be coming home to hugs and kisses from my wife!  

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  1. I love giardiniera vegetables; I eat them as a side with almost every dinner.