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Fruit Omelets!

Well, not really fruit omelets, but since I couldn't fold my crepes into fancy shapes, I just folded them in half.

It didn't seem to effect the taste.

Why crepes for breakfast?  Well, our local food co-op has a crepery set up on Wednesdays...and I keep seeing it advertised, but I haven't been able to get in there, so I had to seize the bull by the horns and crank some out at home.

Never really made crepes before.  I've made really watered down pancakes, but I'm not sure that's the same.  In fact, after this morning, I know it's not the same.  I used one of my favorite recipe websites, foodgawker to find a recipe that looked easy.  I followed it as exactly as I could, down to following their recommendation to whisk the wet ingredients together by hand, than add them into a blender with the flour to ensure they are 'well mixed.' 

A double batch made about 14 8-inch crepes.  After breakfast, there was enough batter to make 4 extras, which I layered between parchment paper and put in the freezer.

Making crepes was also an excuse to try another product that my wife had bought a while ago...instant powdered desert topping:

I believe she bought it from Wal-mart.  Add a cup of 'ice cold' water to a cup of powder, and whisk away.

The final product was remarkably like Cool-Whip, and went really good on the crepes.  I highly recommend it as a 'shelf stable' product to have available when you need whipped topping.  There are also recipes on the can to add cocoa powder to make it like chocolate mousse, 

Despite its shelf stable nature, I can't really say you should load in a huge supply for long-term survival purposes.  It takes A LOT of whipping to bring it together properly...like, 5 minutes in in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I can't imagine trying to bring it together with a hand whisk while the Golden Horde is breathing down your neck. 

Finally, I also got to open up two jars of my wife's jam to fill the crepes with...some of her sweet cherry jam and then some Pinapple Vanilla jam.  Both of them were outstanding, with the Pinapple Vanilla so sweet it almost made your teeth ache.  I'm not sure it's the type of jam that will work on bread with peanut butter, but I know that a few spoonfulls of it an old shoe would make one heck of a desert...

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