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No, no, no...'Treason' is not spelt 'arson'.

Way back in May, a fire broke out in the USS Miami, sitting in drydock in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The fire burned for 12 hours, causing what has been estimated to be $400 MILLION worth of damages to the forward half of the ship.  Early investigations blamed the fire on hot material being sucked into a vacuum cleaner.  Now however, blame for the fire is being layed at the feet of one Casey James Fury, Shipyard Bubba.

The reason for starting the fires?   Anxiety, leading to a desire to leave work early.  I do understand...when I worked at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, there many times I thought setting a nuclear submarine on fire was easier than filling out a leave request slip.  I mean...you had to get it routed and EVERYTHING.  Setting a fire with the hope of getting your work for the afternoon cancelled is much more straight forward. 

Adding to my anger is the obvious 'I wasn't in my right mind' ploy, something that is increasingly pissing me off after a look at the chucklehead in Colorado.  I'm so tired of people using mental illness to get out of serious jail time.  'Everything was blurry and his memory was impacted due to his anxiety and medication'  Hmmm....sounds like he could be a threat to repeat at any time....better put him in a hole in the ground now. 

It's not really in the papers yet, but through my 'still barely connected' rumor mill, I'm hearing based on the damage to the Miami, as well as the age of the boat, it might never get fixed.  The Navy is asking for money, but...I just don't see it happening. Trying to come up with $400 Million extra in the budget at this point is gonna be tough.

Reading through Article III, Section 3 of The Constitution, I'm not sure you could get the guy on full blown Treason...but I KNOW you have to be able to get him on something more than 'ARSON'.  It's possible he single-handedly has removed a Nuclear Submarine from active service.  He deserves to hang by the neck until he is dead, dead, dead.

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