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Should give them my number...

I'm pretty happy living in the Pacific Northwest.  The fact is that there is no part of the country I would rather live in(althought the Idaho/Western Montana part of the Northwest might be nicer than Eastern Washington).  There isn't a whole lot in the south that makes me jealous...but one of those things is feral pigs, a problem/opportunity we just don't have in the Northwest.

Although, that might be changing:

Campaign urges reporting of feral pig sightings

We have gone through this before in the Northwest, and they really do a good job of getting the word out when a population of pigs is discovered.  I rememeber the 2001 Olympic Pennisula discovery that the article talks about.  It was in all the papers, and local magazines....and all of the were sure to stress how there was no hunting tag required, AND no bag limit. 

I'll have to keep an ear to the ground...I wouldn't mind getting a chance to collect a few 100-150 pounders...

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  1. Yah, they're neglecting that solution here. OMG, Feral PIGS. But no mention that anyone with a hunting license can hunt them any time of the year (standard hunting rules apply and no guns during deer bow season).