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Put him in the ground...now!

This story, out of West Virginia, zipped me right past a slow simmer to a roiling boil in about 3 paragraphs:

West Virginia man accused of keeping wife captive faces court

Okay...innocent until proven guilty, but screw the hell out of that.  If even 10% of this story is true, this guy doesn't deserve anything better than a short rope and a tall tree...and a WHOLE LOT WORSE.

Our legal system is sooooo goofy.  I've said before that if I am ever accused of ANYTHING, this is the only legal system I would want to be charged in, and I'm sure I would want a defence lawyer like this guys....but after reading a few of his quotes as they already try to whittle down this poor lady in public, I'm just as mad at the lawyer as I am at the accused. 


Good on the shelter and the lady she shared her story with for coming forward.  I worry that the defence lawyer is right, and this might be one of those cases where the wife is SOOOOO beat down, she can't even take the stand on her behalf...

One could always hope this guy slips on his soap on a rope in the shower and cracks his skull open, saving the tax payers some cash.

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  1. The defense lawyer is the guy I want to punch. The physical evidence is incontrovertible--and if the State is the accuser in court rather than the woman, her testimony will probably not be necessary, given the evidence. There's really no good explanation for any of it, but the evidence of years-old injuries paired with the lack of any medical care whatsoever will be damning. Kind of hard to say you accidentally dropped the blade of a backhoe onto your wife's feet and then prayed it away. (I reckon they will use religion as an explanation here.)