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More proof we need a 'You are a dumbass' criminal charge.

Must control 'fist of death'....it's not my computers fault that there are stupid people in the world...

Maryland police may have thwarted shooting

First off...good on the police and the supervisor at the company responding to this.  Even if there is only a 1 in 1000 chance that this guy was going to follow through on what he was saying, you HAVE to respond.  I'm just curious if this would have gotten as timely of a response 10 days ago...

Anyway...yeah...he's a dumbass.  How is that dumbasses are able to afford that many more guns than me?  I'm sure they can shoehorn his actions into some kind of assault charges, but wouldn't be more appropriate if they could charge him with being a Stupid Piece of Crap, confiscate his guns, and give them too me?

Somewhat related to this is a reminder that it should go without saying, but...this isn't the time you want to be getting too out of bounds on the rants on your blog.  Remember TJIC...and that was right after another emotionally charged shooting.  If you're lucky, they'll step in politely and take your guns away.  If you aren't lucky...well...you can look forward to buying a new front door and trying to get the flash-bang stains out of your carpet. 

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