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Fighting back

Two 'feel good' stories out of Washington State yesterday.  In the first, a homeowner came home shortly after noon yesterday to find two people inside his house.  It sounds like he attempted to hold the folks at gun point while he called 911.  The male suspect decided to try his luck 'rushing' the homeowner, and recieved several 'small caliber' rounds for his trouble.  The suspect was able to leave the house, but eventually needed to call 911 for himself due to several 'small caliber' holes in the stomach and groin area.

The second story illustrates the need to fight back by any means.  A lady was out for a walk in the Shelton, Washington area Saturday, when a man pulled up and tried to get her into his pick-up truck.  Instead of going along with him, the woman fought back, taking a nice bite out of his hand.  After getting away, she was able to flag down a deputy, and eventually, a pick-up truck was stopped, and a man with a bleeding hand was arrested.

Good for her.  The story doesn't give her name, but I wish it did so I could sing her praises from the mountain top.  That's how I hope I am raising my daughters(well, I hope they would have a gun, knife, or pepper spray(or all 3))....but if all you have available is your nails or your teeth...USE THEM.  If you end up in that truck...well, the odds start looking not so good.  At least mark the guy up for easier identification later.

Kind of hard to explain away someone's dental impression in your hand...

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