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Well, they were all wearing masks...

In case you were looking for a compelling reason to carry a Kel-Tec PMR-30....

Raccoons attack woman walking with dog by Fort Steilacoom Park

Now, I try not to laugh at articles where people actually get hurt, and needing 28 stiches AND rabies shots' count as getting hurt...but...this article kind of makes me chuckle...and leaves me with a question.

What in the hell is an American Dingo?  Wikipedia cleared this up for me...basically sounds like a type of wild dog discovered back in the 1970's and since re-domesticated. 

Seems to me like this lady kind of took a whipping that was meant for her dog after it chased a few raccoons up a tree. 

But it's allright, because NOW she is going to start carrying bear spray...you know, AFTER she was attacked. 

I've bought my mom at least three key-chain sized mace canisters so she can always have one with her when she takes her dog for a walk....I've given up trying to convince her to get a gun...

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  1. Pepper spray is on my keychain, if I'm out of the house its on me. Coons are the least of my worries here, a rabid fox or coyote would do much more damage. I gotta finish up the process to apply for my pistol license....*sigh*