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So it doesn't work forever...

Just getting word out on the internet machine that Ernest Borgnine, who I know from McHale's Navy and Ice Station Zebra, passed away today.  Having always thought of him as a slightly goofy guy(his role in Basketball is classic), I was totally flabergasted to learn that he won the Best Actor Oscar in 1955. 

My wife, of course, drew a connection between Ernest and Andy Griffith, and wondered who The Third is gonna be.

Me?  All I can think of is an interview Ernest did a few years ago when he was asked what his secret was:

If that's all it takes to make it 95, I'm there. 

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  1. Rent 'Marty' and 'From Here to Eternity' and see a master at work.
    I love character actors and will miss him!