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New toy!

Well, after complaining about how bad some things suck at my new job, it's only fair to talk about things that are nice at my job. 

Each year, the company budget has some 'moral' money built into it.  This money goes to pay for the company picnic, and trinket's for the employee's.  Typically, this trinket has been in the form of back-packs, shirts, hat's and/or jacket's with the companies name on them.  This year, one of our fresher faces to the company(not me, I can't claim to be that brilliant) asked 'Instead of buying everyone a back-pack, a hat and jacket that are going to end up in their closet, why don't we buy something useful.  For almost the same price as all that stuff, I have a buddy that can get us SureFire Flashlights.'

A little bit of research was done, some numbers crunched, and an amazing miracle happened...we were approved to place a bulk order for Surefire G2ZX CombatLights.  The lights came in early this week, and we got to hand them out to folks today.  They went over MUCH better than 'just another hat/shirt/jacket....and it also created some serious jealousy.  My group was the last group in the company to spend their 'moral' funds...which means 75% of the rest of the company had already acquired their hats/shirts/bags/jackets....things that were most certainly NOT Surefire G2ZX Combatlights.

I brought mine home tonight for a little bit of research.  I LOVE my Fenix LD20....most especially because it eats AA Batteries instead of CR123's.  Fenix says their LD20 throws 180 lumens, while Surefire says the G2ZX is rated at 200 Lumens.  From non-scientific testing, the SureFire is about 50% brighter, and has a much larger area of maximum illumination, and goes right to it's brightest(only setting)  The Fenix though, has a few different settings, and can strobe and do S.O.S.(because that is important.

End result?  Well...it's one kick-ass free flashlight.  For 'tactical' uses, the SureFire is the BOMB.  For 90% of the rest of the things you need a flashlight for...I'll probably stick with the Fenix. 

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