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That's a lot of lead in the air...

Wednesday evening, the town of Toppenish, located about 20 minutes east of Yakima, was the site of quiet a shoot-out.  

Police agencies were on the look out for one Lance Nanamkin, formerly convicted of 2nd-degree manslaughter and assault.  Having served his 8-years locked up, Mr. Nanamkin was out on a parole...only, well, he wasn't exactly following the terms of his parole.  The article is not forth coming on details about the 'parole violation' but he was also letting people know that he 'was armed with an assault rifle and would not be taken alive'.

Sounds like the police were justified in keeping an eye for this guy.

He was finally spotted Wednesday night, and after being chased by police for 20 minutes, he pulled over, and opened fire out of the back window of his car with his AR-15.

20 seconds later, it was all over.  Initial reports are that 70 rounds of ammunition were fired in that 20-seconds...20 by Mr. Nanamkin, and the other 50 by the 5 police officers who were responding.

Of those 70 bullets flying through the air, only 6 found what they were being aimed at...and luckily, Mr. Nanamkin was the target all 6 times.  Two of the officers reported minor injuries, but they were caused by flying glass.

12% accuracy...that's not even good enough to get past the first level of Area 51.  I am really curious to see a more detailed breakdown of how this shoot went...it sounds like Nanamkin concentrated his fire on one car, so were the hits made by the other officers who could concentrate on the front site a bit more, or did they all just get lucky at some point?

Anyway...in the end, Nanamkin couldn't even follow through on his vow to not be taken alive...despite being hit 6 times(twice in the coconut) he still currently lingers alive in a local hospital.  Wonder how much THAT medical assistance is costing the taxpayers...

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  1. Suicide by cop. Drama, expense, lots of attention. Probably the high point of many lives.