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Range time!

Got up bright and early this morning to go shooting...too bright and early...I thought the range opened at 8, but it doesn't really open until 9.  To kill time, I went and got a 20oz Hazelnut Latte on which I could then blame all my bad shooting.  I had intended to bring 8 guns, but when I got home my CZ-75 was right on the floor where I had left it, all safe in it's blue case.  Oh well...the trip was still worth it.

I'm trying to get better about going more often, and then not having to spend a marathon session each time I go.  For instance today, I only put 4 magazine through the Firestorm .380, and another 4 through my Kel-tec P-3AT...enough to make sure the bullet was still going where it was supposed to.  Shooting with those pistols was done at 10-yards, a fairly realistic distance with the Firestorm, and a hopelessly optimistic distance with the Kel-Tec.  With the Firestorm, I kept all 28 rounds inside a 5.5 inch circle, which I am happy with...the Kel-tec at 10 yards...well, I think I would be better off throwing the gun at that distance...ick.  Somewhere in my future is either a Ruger LCP OR a Lazerlyte Side Mounted Laser for the Kel-tec.  Maybe someday I'll be as popular as Jay G and manufactures will send me stuff to test and review...it's really the only goal I have left to achieve in life. 

For long guns, I brought my Marlin .357, my Rock River AR, with both the carbine upper and the 20-inch bull barrel upper, and my 35 Whelen.  The Whelen got the lightest work out...6 rounds to make sure it was still grouping 3 inches high at 100 yards, and then that I could ring the 300-yard gong at the range.  That stuff expensive, and my stock is getting low...when the house sells, there will be much 35 Whelen and .380 ordered...

My Marlin continues to be the favorite gun I own...and I think it always will be.  Out to 75 yards or so, with the AR, I am able to get off follow-up shots quicker, but with the Marlin my first shot/target acquisition is faster, and I'm more accurate...the gun also feels lighter and 'handier'.

I will settle for this kind of accuracy over iron sights at 80 yards:

If it wasn't for that one low and on the right, you could have covered all 8 holes with a playing card...now, it needs to be a...slightly bigger cars?  Whatever...I'm not a sniper, but  8 rounds of 125gr Golden Saber's will ruin anything's day...

I'm trying to get better.  I hope with more frequent trips to the range, that will happen.  For so long, I was satisfied just to punch a hole in a piece of paper, and anywhere on the paper was good enough.  When you only get to go shooting 2 or 3 times a year, you try not to let something like 'accuracy' get in the way of fun.

Found one unusual thing at the range today.  Had a box of Magtech 125gr .38 Special + P Soft Points, and found this: 

Although it's a bit fuzzy, you can see the round on the right has a little bit of a bullet seating issue.  I only point it out to point it out as something unusual.  I have used a LOT of Magtech ammo in my guns: .38, .357, .380, 9mm and .223, and it's the first time I have found something like that in a box of their ammo...it was actually kind of cute...

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