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New Nominee for Worst Parents in the World.

Gonna need to give my daughters a hug and kiss both before and after typing this one up.  This one didn't even mess with a slow burn...it skyrocketed me right up to full on rage.  It has me ready to drive to Dallas and dispense some of that Texas Style justice that unfortunately doesn't really exist. 

Boy who died of dehydration was punished for wetting bed 

Holy Crap.  

When bed wetting is still going on at age 10, it a sign of something mentally or physically wrong...it needs medical treatment, not withholding all fluids for 5 days. 

There was a time when I was highly worried that my children weren't going to figure out not wetting the bed.  In an effort to minimize the chances of them having to tinkle overnight, we did restrict what they got to drink...we told them nothing new to drink after 7pm.  Even THAT took a lot of willpower.  When blue eyes and curls tells you they are thirsty 'please wink, wink' it's tough to say no.  That was an hour!  

I'm not sure I have the willpower to allow someone I HATE to die of thirst(although, I'd be willing to give it a try for these two chuckle heads.) let alone my own child.  

 The worst part is these two horrible, horrible people are going to get off with some kind of 'manslaughter' or 'accidental death' charge...and they shouldn't.  Withholding water from someone in the middle of a Texas summer is a premeditated act...What did they think was going to happen????!?!?!?!?!?

Rest in Peace Jonathan...




  1. I think the judge who ordered the visit could stand a few days without water as well.

  2. There is a special place in hell. I truly believe that.