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How do I not hear about these things?

Sometimes, certain headlines just kind of catch your attention, which I guess is the point.  Take this one for instance:

Penis amputee says he wanted to flee after news

 Now...this is a fairly upsetting story.  Poor guy goes thinking he just has a little rash or something, and a belated circumcision will clear things up, and he wakes up later that day, being told they had to remove and inch or two of his nearest and dearest. 

This would be traumatic enough if my wife was there and she told me she had to make the decision to save my life.  Finding out that the doctor made the decision on his own?  Yeah...I would probably sue also, even if  another doctor later confirmed things and finished the removal.

At my job(where were are only working on nuclear things, not important stuff like sex organs) we constantly stress that if conditions in the field don't match what you briefed, you stop and back out to re-brief with a new plan. This doctor should have attended a few of my briefs.  It doesn't sound like this guys life was in immediate danger..by not either waking the patient up, OR asking his wife who while uninterested, WAS sitting in the waiting room, the doctor brought this upon himself.

More important than any of that though, is that this all happened back in 2007. What was going on in 2007 that THIS failed to make national news, and this is the first I'm hearing about it?  Stupid war in Afghanistan and Iraq...

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