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Oral Fixation

Occasionally, when exposed to someone/thing for the first time, I have a tendency to become very....obsessive.  Usually, this occurs in regards to celebrities...either actor/actresses or singers...potentially it revolves around my jealousy of their talents.  It's probably a good thing that I live in the somewhat isolated eastern Washington desert....not much chance of me turning into a stalker way out here.

The latest target of my fascination is Sara Barellis, and it can be directly traced to the version of Come On Eileen she does with Sugarland(making it all my wife's fault since she is the one who made me listen to it first).   Prior to seeing this video, I could have identified two of Sara's songs from radio play; King of Anything and Love Song, but I would not have recognized her walking down the street. 

Previously, I would have described Sara's music as part pop, part 'adult contemporary'.  According to wikipedia, she is a singer-songwriter and pianist, whose sound is "slightly edgy, stompy piano-based pop-rock that incorporates jazz and soul"  So, that clears it up.  She has several cover versions of popular songs in youtube, from wildly diverse genre's of music...she does some Beyonce, Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay, Still Haven't Found What I'm Look For, by U2(not a big U2 fan, so I LOVE her version), and then finally, this beauty, which, well, it's not as good as the original, but it's the Beatles, so what could be?

If you haven't given her a chance, I highly recommend her.  Luckily, my fixations burnout almost as fast as they come on, so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to listen to AC/DC again. 

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  1. Two voices that could melt steel: Brandi Carlile and Adele.