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Be gentle...it's my first time...

Today I did something I have never done before...I donated money to a political candidate.  In honor of his 72nd Birthday, Dr. Paul is having a money bomb, and as much I talk about him being the best hope for stopping the bleeding, I have yet to do anything other than talk. 

Even today, it's not like I did a lot...the website said stuff purchased from the store counts towards their donation total, so I bought a few t-shirts, and a beer cozy.  I wish I could do more financially, but as someone who just had to turn down a low-ball offer to sell my house because I couldn't cover the check at closing, I really can't fling cash around right now. 

I also signed up as a volunteer.  We'll see if they can make use of me.  Pounding in signs and posters should be right up my alley.  I figure if I do my cute young kids up in Ron Paul livery, there are worse forms of advertising....

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