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Food, Glorious Food

Both of my children appear to be going through growth spurts right now, and have developed what is for them hollow legs.  One of the unexpected blessings involved with having daughters instead of sons, is lower food bills.  A friend of mine has two boys who are each one years older than my girls, and while they are not even teenagers yet, they are eating him out of house and home.

Yesterday morning, they were sitting at the breakfast table, getting ready to gnaw their own legs off while daddy messed with getting the scramble eggs 'just so'.  When I finally placed the plates down in front of them, our younger one launches into the 'Food, Glorious Food' refrain from 'Oliver'.  It's a fairly common melody, but I was still impressed that my daughter had managed to pick up a piece of culture like that without me needing to force it down her throat.

After breakfast, I called her over to the computer so I could show her the full version of the song from the 1968 movie version of 'Oliver'.

She was unimpressed.  'Daddy...that song is waaaaayyyyy better in Ice Age.'

Bella was there to back her up...'Yes, daddy...vultures sing that song in Ice Age 2, and it's much more funny'.

So much for culture...but turn about is fair play, and I then sat down to watch their preferred version, and they are right...the one from Ice Age 2 IS much more entertaining.

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