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I just don't get it.

Serial rapist gets max sentence of 46 years 

Story in the Yakima Herald today that caught my attention.  Once upon a time, this guy was sentenced to 60 years for his part in the rape and murder of two women back in 1987.  Due to a ruling(and for the life of me, I can't find what the ruling was(stupid internet)) his original sentence was overturned.  Today, he was finally re-sentenced to 46 year in prison, which even with time served, will put him into his 80's before he is released. 

Let's forget for a minute how much of the courts time and the taxpayers money was wasted going from a 60-year sentence to a 46-year sentence...what I want to focus on instead is that we even feel the need to GIVE 60 year(or 46 year) sentences. 

One of the things will probably come back to haunt me should I ever decide to run for public office is my opinion that there should be no court sentence greater than 20 years.  Anything greater than 20-years, in my own humble opinion, should be treated as equal to a life sentence...and any life sentence should in fact be a death sentence. 

As a taxpayer I am highly offended that my tax money is going to go to keeping this guy alive in jail another 35+ years.  I would much rather my tax money get spent in a pursuit of a capital conviction, than keeping this providing food and medical care for this jackass until someone finally shanks him in the shower. 

But still, if I ever am convicted of a crime, there isn't a court system I would rather be caught up in that ours...which I guess is kind of the point of it. 

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