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Things to remember next time I buy a used car...

I actually woke up halfway motivated this morning, and made it to work even earlier than normal(okay, it's not that I am motivated, but with our basic cable package, I can't watch Robin Meade, so I may as well go to work).

I had been sitting at my desk, moving pieces of paper from one pile to another for about 15 minutes, when my cell phone rang.  It was my boss, and he asked how long I intended to let my truck sit on the rim out in the parking lot.  My day hadn't even officially started. and I had a flat tire on my truck.

Last week, Commander Zero had a post, bragging about his new 60"  Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack.  Man, would I have killed for one of those today.  The truth is, I would have killed for ANY jack, because when I flipped up the rear seat of my truck to look for a the screw-type jack that comes with the truck...IT WASN'T THERE!!!!!!!!

Holy Sheep Shit Bat-Man!

I've been driving around for over a year in some occasionally off the beaten path places, WITHOUT A JACK!?!?!?!?  Hell, just this last weekend, I had my wife and kids up in the Blue Mountains outside of Dayton, Washington.  We were a good 16 mile walk from the nearest town, and although we both had cell phones, and we saw like 4 other cars, I'm not sure that my wife would have let me live it down for a quite a while if I had gotten a flat on that rocky road and we had had to spend the night in the truck because I didn't have a jack...

Luckily, the lesson was learned in a pain free manner.  My work truck is also a quality Ford Built machine, so I 'borrowed' the jack from it to fix my truck.  All told, it was a good hour long evolution...those screw-type jacks are still a major pain in the ass.  I picked one hell of a day to wear a white shirt to work. 

It was also a good(but expensive) excuse to get out of work early.  I had already told SWMBO that I felt I was going to need new tires prior to the winter, and preferably prior to hunting season, so, off to Les Schwab I went to get some new Toyo A/T tires.  I would have loved to get something even more manly looking, but felt that these particular tires give me the best combination of normal ride, while also letting me handle normal rutted back roads, without totally wiping out my gas mileage.  Besides, if I go too much taller, SWMBO will insist on running boards for easier entry and exit...and then I will lose my excuse for 'accidentally' placing my hand on her bottom while helping her into the truck...

So, I'm not sure I'll be able to pick up a Hi-Lift this weekend, but at the very least I'm going to invest in decent looking hydraulic bottle jack...although The Commander does a good job of selling the Hi-Lift based on everything else it can do...

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