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Hooked her!

Flipping through Netflix the other day, I saw that they had added the mini-series Winds of War, based on the Herman Wouk novel.  I remember watching it when it originally aired on TV back in the 1980's, and since my wife has displayed an enjoyment for sweeping, historic epics, I told her I thought she should give it a chance...she could get a little romance, I could get some WWII action.

I was correct in thinking that she would enjoy it...she has been quite hooked on it since yesterday afternoon, and powering through it at an aggressive pace.  So...I was right, and hooray for me.

Boo for me though, because...I was wrong...Winds of War was not the series I remembered watching back in the 1980's.  The series I remember watching back in the 1980's was War and Remembrance...the SECOND sweeping historical epic based off a Herman Wouk novel. 

Damn.  It's not a huge error...War and Remembrance is available on netflix, but it's only on physical disks still...and SWMBO likes the first series so well that I have already moved War and Remembrance up our queue.  I am looking forward to it...much more war, a young Sharon Stone, as well as upgrading the other female lead from Ali MacGraw to Jane Seymour...it's a win across the board!

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