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Getting a little dusty in here...

A friend of mine posted a link to the following story on his facebook page...blame him for starting your day out weepy. 

Together 74 years, Kirkland couple die less than a day apart

 Damn...like my friend said, it's either the happiest sad story, or the saddest happy story you'll ever read

 Something similar, if not quite as dramatic happened with my paternal grandparents.  My Pop-pop was still working at age 67, laying carpet.  One day, he fell trying to hop over a roll of carpet, and broke his hip pretty bad.  He was recovering okay, until my Nana had a stroke.  It was pretty bad...didn't kill her, but pretty much turned her off, and destroyed whatever drive he had to get better.  A shirt time later, he had a heart attack, and died, and about two months after that, she was gone.  Total time was less than 9 months...fairly shocking...but...can you blame them?

I love my wife dearly.  We have been married 10 years, and I can not imagine life without her.  I did not get married for X-number of years...I got married to spend the rest of our lives together.  If we have 50, 60, 70 or even 74 years together like this couple had...I can't imagine one of us wanting to go on without the other. 

The final part, about mixing their ashes together is the kicker...something I need to talk to SWMBO..see if she can stand me being around that long...

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