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Mother Nature's Justice > Our Court System

With the price of copper and other metals continuing to trend upwards, you can't open a newspaper anymore without reading some story about a public works site being robbed of all it's copper coils.  The only thing I can think of lower than stealing copper coils from a public job site, are the folks that are stealing bronze vases from cemeteries.

You might think backing a truck up to an unguarded job site and grabbing a few rolls of copper coil would be pretty risk free...and you would be right, if you had a basic understanding of electrical theory.  Especially the part where you figure out not to use your body to complete the circuit between a 115K Volt transformer and the roll of copper. 

Justice, sweet justice.  Now...do I really think that stealing a roll of copper should result in the death penalty?  Nah...but who am I to argue with Mother Natures verdict(she's only mostly dead, anyway).  Besides, with no name in this article, who knows what previous violations this rocket scientist might have on her record, and I am HUGE believer in 'Three Strikes and you're out'.  

I hope she recovers...at least long enough to cough up her accomplices name. 

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