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zOMG climate change!

So, as Rick Perry get's to live through his major bit of nationwide media scrutiny for daring to question that global warming, climate change The Sky is Falling! is actually happening, those jokers at The Weather Channel come out with this feature:

Zero For Ninety in 2011

It seems that here in the Pacific Northwest, we are doing all we can to back up Mr. Perry.  Portland, Oregon, which usually 13.5 days where the temperature breaks 90, has had exactly ZERO days over 90 this year.  In the inland Northwest, Spokane usually has 17 days over 90, and has had only 4 this year.

More local to my place, according to an unscientific pole of locals, the Tri-Cities are in south-east Washington usually sees 15-250 days a year over 100 degrees, and this year, we have yet to break The Century Mark.

But...that's weather, not climate, because the scientists tell us so. 

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  1. Someplace along the way, I read a "serious" article on how Global Warming is disrupting Mother Earth so much so that temperatures are falling and winter weather will be getting worse.

    You must have Faith to believe in the unprovable.
    Just like any religion.