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He pointed a gun at me!

If you decide that you are going to call the police to report that someone pointed a gun at you, you might want to first make sure that there aren't witnesses who say 'Yeah, he pointed a gun at you because you were attempting to ROB us!'

Story courtesy of the Kitsap Sun:

Man who called police about gun pulling goes to jail for burglary

It might eventually turn into a he said/they said type situation, but for now, it looks like the chuckle head is going to get to spend a few nights in jail.  In the end, I doubt he will get a lot more punishment than that, even if he does deserve.  Domestic Violence type situations, with all the finger pointing and trying to figure out who is telling the truth is one reason I could never be a good police officer. I have zero patience for stupidity, and this sounds stupid.  I would have rapped all three of them in the head with my asp, and told them to play nice.  
The ex-boyfriend probably could have saved himself a night in jail if he had brought his own witness(assuming his story about just 'going by to get his stuff' has any truth at all(which I doubt)
One thing I learned from observing more than one divorce/separation during my time in the Navy was when it comes time to move out, or divvy stuff up, never do it alone.  Always have a few witness's on each side...and if you can afford it, bring your lawyer along.  CYA so it doesn't come down to some poor beat cop trying to sort things out at 9:30 at night when everyone's testosterone is already up...

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