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A Contractor Worth Hiring.

Talk about a full-service contractor…yesterday in Tacoma, at about 11AM, a contractor pulls in front of his clients house.  He notices a suspicious looking minivan in the drive way, with some items from the house(TV and some weapons) stacked beside the car.  The contractor then calls his client to ask if anyone was supposed to be moving stuff out of the house. 
When the homeowner told him that nope, no one was supposed to be moving stuff out of the house, the contractor then called the police. 
In the meantime, the ‘suspected burglar’ walks out of the house, and seeing that the contractor has blocked him in, tries to run through the contractor’s truck with his minivan.  The contractor, a licensed concealed weapons permit holder, responded to the by drawing his firearm, and opening fire on the suspected robber.  This had a desirable effect…the robber abandoned his vehicle and fled the site on foot, where he was late detained by a police officer. 
No real negative aspect to the story.  Standard boilerplate about how the Pierce County Prosecutors Office will decide whether to press charges against the contractor, but I don’t see much this guy did wrong.  Maybe you can criticize him for initially blocking the guy in, but, it sounds like he did that when he first showed up at the scene, before even knew what was going on.  As far as responding to a car ramming with his firearm, right on…I have seen several times where police consider vehicular assault to be a deadly weapon.  A double-good on to him for not pursuing the suspect guns blazing, once he decided to flee the scene…it’s hard to make the correct decisions sometimes once you get your blood up.
Unfortunately, the story doesn’t give the contractors name yet, so I can’t give him a personal two-thumb’s up, but when they do release his name, I’ll be sure to give him some good press…

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