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Now THAT is a hardline stance...

As we approach election season, one of the local radio stations was interviewing candidates for Kennewick City Council.  How exciting can that be?

Well, when one of the candidates for mayor stated that illegal aliens should be 'shot at the border'...well, that's gonna get you some attention, and make things a wee bit more exciting. 

He also goes on to describe illegal immigration as rape.

"Rape of our city and rape of our country is something that should be dealt with by the highest penalty" 
Wow.  But don't worry...he's not totally out-to-lunch...he would give the illegal aliens a month to get out of town, although  "They would be lucky to have that,".

I'm not a big fan of illegal immigration, and I DO think it reflects poorly upon security, but I'm not sure I'm behind shooting that at the border...for a first offense.

This is also a very surprising position to take in Kennewick.  I don't want to draw racial connections, but, agriculture kind of ties with Hanford as the engine that drives the Tri-Cities area. 

I'm very interest to see how Loren Nichols does in the elections this fall. 

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