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Les Sigh.

While looking for something to rant and rage against on the Seattle Times website, I instead found the review for the 'updated' 25th Anniversary Edition of Les Miserables which is currently playing at the 5th Avenue Theater. 


One of the big reservation's I had accepting this job last year was moving away from the cultural opportunities a city like Seattle provides.  Well, not all the culture...mostly musicals.  My not inconsiderable sensitive side LOVES big musicals...and they don't come any bigger than Les Mis.  I place it at the top, with Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon rounding out the top 3.  Many Old-time Broadway fans would take issue with that list, but I am product of my time..give me big flash and glamor.

Les Miserables has it all...romance, heart-break, hero's, sacrifice, and some comedy, and some very fine songs.   I have already seen Les Miserables three times, one of those with my wife.  Wild horse could not have kept me from seeing it a 4th time. 

It was not unusual for my wife and I to take in a musical every 6-9 months in Seattle.  The World's Greatest Nana living in the vicinity made for a nice romantic night off from parenthood.  The Tri-cities lack's both the convenience of the World's Greatest Nana, and two nice theaters like The Paramount and the 5th Avenue in Seattle to attract these type of shows. 

Don't get me wrong...the Tri-cities area is not The Middle of Nowhere.  Taken as a whole population center, The Tri-cities have a population of over 250,000, ranking 4th behind Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane in Washington.  We do have cultural experiences... but instead of 2 or 3 week runs, 'Cats' came to town in April(for one show), and we get Mannheim Steam Roller for one night in December, at the same place they play minor league hockey and Roller Derby. 

I am certain that if I plan ahead, The World's Greatest Nana would love to have her grandchildren for a long weekend, and if mom and dad disappear to Seattle for a night in the middle, so much easier for her to spoil the kids...and that is only a 4 hour drive.  I however, feel lame going to 'visit' my mom for a weekend, and then bailing to go out and party with my wife.

Oh well...if my yearning for a quality night of dinner at one of Seattle's nicer restaurants and musical theater gets to much to handle, the option of slowing down to 20 MPH and kicking the kids out at my moms is an option.

This is from the 10th Anniversary Concert, because I like this one just a little bit better than than the version from the 25th Anniversary Concert. I have watched/heard this song AT least 1000 times, and I still get goosebumps each additional time I listen to it.

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