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Yup...this counts as 'bragging'.

One of the few negatives we noted last year about home schooling is that there are no annual 'school pictures' forced down your throat.  While it's sometimes a pain to have the school pictures forced on you, and your child never seems to smile right, at least you had a reminder each year to get pictures of your children.

This year, through one of the local homeschooling groups, SWMBO met a lady(well, not just a lady...a professional photographer that was advertising Back to School picture sessions for home-schoolers.  It seemed like a good deal, so we jumped on it.

I was very happy with the picture results.  Instead of getting a package of pictures with the seeming WORST smile your child can do, we got a DVD with pictures of both our kids on there...and instead of sitting in front of some non-interesting background, our kids are interacting with cute props(and each other!) in the pictures.

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