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One year

One year ago today, I posted my first blog entry, a rambling history lesson trying to describe the forces and past that made me the me you know, and what I hoped to get out of this blog.  So, far, the world domination has not gone quiet the way I planned....no corporate sponsors(or even free gear to test and review) but, my wife says this forum to vent and get out some of the rage I occasionally feel at the world means the colors of my face usually stop at red, instead of making it all the way to purple.  This blog is just as much(if not more) for me, than it is for other people.  

It's not just a site to vent my rage at all that is wrong with the world...I do let the occasional nugget of gun related(which I must get better at, so I can stay on the Gun Bloggers Blacklist)... or preparation related knowledge slip out.  Aside from that, it is my journal...it's so that a few years from now, when Bella is yelling down the hallway that she hates me because she's a 13-year old girl, and Hollywood tells me that will happen, I can open things up and remember.  Look....on May 2nd, we went to Palouse Falls and had a great time.  I can remember how back on July 28th, of 2011 she was so excited to learn that she built a tinker toy Archaeopteryx and proceeded to learn the whole family up about it. 

Having those memories, and being able to remember them in that manner is very important to me.  It's the proof that everything else we do is worth while.  

As I write this, I find that over the last year, I have logged 556 posts...which, while a fine number, was not intentional.  I am closing in on my 10,000 visitor to the site.  I know that some people get 3-4 times this in one day, let alone a year, but, hey...I'm gratified that anyone visits and cares enough about my adventures to post their opinion.  I am satisfied to know that both those number will continue to go up as time passes....my plans for world domination have just been delayed, not ended. 


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  1. Let's see now...
    You're a married guy with two daughters...

    Yep, that pretty much kills off any of your plans for world domination.

    (You don't think "President Obama" refers to Barack, do you?)