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Sad/Confusing Story

Komo News 4 had this headline this morning, and I had to read the story a few times to make sure I knew what it was trying to say:

Teen unwittingly kills father while defending uncle

So, basically what you have is a broken family. It sounds like the two teenage boys have been living with their uncle.  Their biological father, who the story says was estranged from the whole family, swings by for a visit.  The uncle, who lives their, goes out to see what the estranged brother(biological father) wants.  It turns out what he wants is to beat the uncle in the head with a crow bar.  

The teenage boys look out the window, and according to the story, see 'someone' beating on their uncle with a crowbar.  One of the teenage boys then responds by rushing out to defend his uncle, stabbing the attacker with a knife.

I really wish the story had a little more detail...it's one of those situations where being fast isn't as good as being right...because I am only assuming that the boys actually live with their uncle...but it's the only thing that makes sense.  At 10:40 PM in a suburban neighborhood, it's going to be dark, but not dark enough that you wouldn't recognize your own father, unless he wasn't much of a father.   

Very sketchy story, and sad for the boy(well, he's 17 according to a story in the Tacoma Tribune.)  The Tribune story goes a little further, with police saying 'there are indicators that the father came to do harm to the family', and that he used a pipe to waylay the uncle.  It also says the 17-year old stabbed his father 9 times...which is a lot of times to stab your father...unless you 100% don't recognize him, OR you think he deserves it.  I hope there are some follow-up stories attached to this one...just that littlest bit sketchy so far...but the real world usually is. 



  1. I dunno, I think whacking Uncle with a crow bar falls well into "deserves it" territory. I feel bad for the kid.

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  3. Like Clint says at the end of Unforgiven, 'Deserves got nuthin' to do with it'.

    Well, I never meant to give the impression that the guy didn't 'deserve' it...just that I wasn't sure I was buying the story that the 17-year old didn't know who he was stabbing after then 2nd or 3rd time...