Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Uh oh.

This evening, we went to have dinner at a friends house.  While there, we decided that we finally had the apartment under control enough that we could pick up a few boxes of our belongings that had been in their garage for almost 10 months now.  Upon returning home, we started opening boxes, promising each other we would be merciless in deciding what could stay, and what should go.  I mean, if something has been in someone else's garage for almost a year, you can probably live without it. 

One of the boxes was full of candles, which are a thing I feel you can't have enough of.  The bummer is that some of the candles have seen better days.

Obviously, it got a little warm in their garage, and well, it has me a bit worried.  Not about candles...we have lots of those.  However, we didn't just have candles in their garage.  We had a box of MRE's, and another case of Mountain Home Freeze Dried stuff. 

I am more than a little worried about their current condition.  My wife isn't too worried about the freeze dried stuff, but we both think it might be a good idea to sacrifice one of the MRE's in the name science...find out it's status NOW before we end up needing it...

So, there could be an MRE review to look forward to in the near future...


  1. We could also be getting a blog post from your ER. Please be cautious.

  2. That blue candle reminds me of a Robert Plant song, "Burning Down One Side."

    Decorative candles tend to melt at fairly low temperatures. I suspect your MREs are okay. They're heated at packaging to sterilize them, so they should be able to take some more heat. It's hard to say about the freeze-dried stuff because they're dehydrated at low temperature under a vacuum. The flavors may have changed, but they shouldn't be spoiled.

    If you find a package that's puffed up like an air mattress, throw it away and -don't- open it. The smell won't go away.

  3. Aren't MRE's designed (ugh!) to be shipped and stored in all sorts of conditions?

  4. All sorts of conditions, yes, but 'they'say that prolonged exposure to high temperatures or freezing can effect them...so, I was a little concerned.

    I'll keep an eye out for the swelling, Dave...sounds like you are speaking from the voice of experience.