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Ummm...just 30?

Entertainment website Totalfilm posted a fortuitously photo-filled list of Christina Hendricks' 30 Sexiest Moments, and while I appreciate the effort, I find myself asking 'Only 30?'  Come on...even SWMBO knows how I feel about this lady. EVERYTHING she does is Sexy.  Blame it on my infantile bias.  I am what I am, and nothing is changing that. 

I am FAR from alone in my opinion of Mrs. Hendricks...even in the relatively limited pro-gun bloggers community.  Jay G recently had a post about the possibilty of Mrs. Hendricks playing Wonder Woman, proving he is an allright guy despite being trapped in Massachusets. 

Now, a confession on my part here.  Despite my opinion being that Christina Hendricks is one of the sexiest women EVER(red hair and Jessica Rabbit-like curves) she is NOT perfect.  She doesn't sing country music, and I can't picture her as Wonder Woman, even though I would LOVE to see attempts to fit her in the costume.  For me, other than Linda Carter, the next best choice for Wonder Woman would have been Lucy Lawless at her Xena Warrio Princess peak.  A distant 3rd would be Gina Carcano of American Gladiator and MMA background. 

Ummm...and that's all I have.  A few semi-gratuitous excuses to talk about Christina Hendricks and link to some other attractive women. 

I suppose as a father of daughters, I should get offended, because Chistina Hendricks is someone else's daughter.  Somewhere, her father needs to live with the fact that his daughter is a 'sex symbol'...and I'm sure he is.  Christina Hendricks can not help what she is...she is working with what Mother Nature(and L'Oreal) gave her.  She has not embaressed herself anywhere along the line...her father has nothing to hide his head about.  You can be sexy and successfull because you are sexy without you or your father feeling the need to hide your head.   So, as Bill Murray said, 'I've got that going for me'.

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