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All that hot air is melting my ice cream!

I like ice cream...lot's, and Ben and Jerry's makes some of the best.  In fact, their ice cream is SOOOOOO good, I have had a hard time at jumping on any kind of Ben and Jerry's boycott over the fact that they have given tons o' cash to the Children's Defense Fund .  Ire and anger are one thing...but being able to live without a pint of Chubby Hubby?  Not sure I can do that.  Especially since our side is winning...

One thing Ben and Jerry's has always kind of been known for is the humorous names of some of their flavors.  Recently B & J(not to be confused with Bartles and Jaymes, which I'm not eve sure is made anymore) announced they were going to once again tap in to the pop culture zeitgeist and introduced a new seasonal flavor 'Schweddy Balls', named after one of the funnier Saturday Night Live sketches of the last...oh...20 years or so. 

What a genius sketch.  Great acting though...it's not Shakespeare, but damn...to be able to make it through that whole sketch live, with barely a smirk, is impressive. 

Now, of course, because the sketch is slightly 'naughty' and people might laugh and snicker to each other while eating the tasty ice cream, and that might be TOO much fun, some people feel the need to protest. 

I'm thinking the name of that group might be a little bit of hyperbole.  I REFUSE to believe that there are one million mothers out there who are outraged enough over the name of this ice cream to sit down and right a letter to the folks that run Ben and Jerry's.  Please.

I'm kind of curious though....a lot of times when you right a letter expressing displeasure with a company, that company will send you some type of coupon or certificate for a free sample of said products.  I wonder if Ben and Jerry's would try bribing me if wrote them a letter...

Oh, who am I kidding...I'm willing to pay for it, and with the temperature expected to break 90 again this Friday and Saturday, I might have the excuse I am looking for. 

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