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Sunday driving music

Given a choice, I'm not a big fan of 'pop music'.  Blame it on my not wanting to conform.  I prefer country or 'classic rock' to most of what is new on the radio today.  There are some spots in the drive over the mountains between the Seattle suburbs and the Tri-Cities area though, where beggars can't be choosers.  Today on the way back from my mom's I heard two songs that kind of caught my interest.

The first one I mistakenly identified as a new Shania Twain song, and was surprised to find out was actually Lady Gaga.  Whatever else she might be, the lady can put out a product that rattles around in your head.  I am posting a video with lyrics, because the official video for the song is just plain strange.

The other song I heard was a remake of Lynyrd Skynards 'Simple Man'...and while the Lady Gaga song just rattled around in my head, I genuinely LIKED this song by Shinedown.  Very similar to the original, with just a punch of 'something extra' to update it.

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  1. Having a teenager around forced me to pay attention to what's popular; some of it's pretty good (I have "Bad Romance" and "Poke Face" on my Ipod. Gaga IS kinda catchy...) I discovered that Metallica has a good cover of Seeger's "Turn the Page," and some of Disturbed's music is not half bad. Of course, now that Lance Criminal is a surfer dude on the coast, I've reverted back to the 70's and 80's. It's my comfort zone and I'm stodgy.