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Canning Carastrophe!

My wife's been working on more canning over the weekend, apples this time.  She decided to split her apple stash between apple sauce and apple butter.  After her success with peach butter, she had a lot of friends and family express interest in getting their hands on some, so, the thinking was apple butter/peach butter...what's the difference.

Well, she kind of suffered her first real setback with canning.  Everything sealed up fine, but her attempt at apple butter just hasn't set up the way it was supposed to, and instead of 50-50 apple sauce and apple butter, we ended up with 50-50 apple sauce, and slightly thicker, sweeter apple sauce, that wasn't quiet apple butter.

Every story has two side...on the one side, I feel a little bummed for my wife, because things didn't go quiet how she hoped it would...and I feel way bad for the folks she planned on giving some too, because now they will have to wait and see if we can find more peaches or apples on sale as we roll into the fall, and they will have to wait for their tasty goodness. 

Then there is my side of the story, the happy side.  While the apple butter might not have set up well enough for her to give it to family and friends, it set up plenty good enough for use around the house...which means I have another 12 8-ounce jars to start working through.


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