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Housekeeping help.

Spending my Sunday afternoon going back and forth between watching football and doing some cleaning, although with the way the Seahawks/49's game is shaping up, it looks like there might be more cleaning than watching. 

One of the things needing cleaning up is the snakes tank...I clean the poop out as soon as I see it, but I've decided once a month it would be nice to take give the tank a good going over.  This is more frequent than the lost owner did it, but it's also an excuse to take the snake out and handle her. 

Last time I did this cleaning, I just stuck Gloria in a pillow case while I did the dirty work.  Today, I decided to enlist the help of two beautiful assistants. 

I know it kind of looks like they are fighting over the snake, but the truth is that neither one of them had the dexterity or arm span to handle it alone.  I just told them to stand facing each other, with their arms bent at the elbow, and placed the snake on their arms.  
If anyone out there ever wants a snake, while it has only been about 6 weeks, I can not recommend a corn snake highly enough.  This snake has never so much as hissed or showed it's teeth, or even pretended to strike at anything other than it's mouse.  

Back to work...have a pot of turkey chili going to be be served on mashed potatoes later on tonight for dinner. 

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