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You're NOT helping!

Today when I got home from work, SWMBO was eager to show me some of the stuff she covered with my younger daughter for homeschooling.  Maureen turns 6 this year, and if she was in public school, she would be starting kindergarten.  My wife kind of treated last year as 'kindergarten light' and this year, she is hoping to be able to get her through 1st grade stuff.  Either way, even without trying to quantify things with a number, Maureen is at the point where things are starting to happen fast for her from an intellectual standpoint, and I am proud of my wife for pushing things in the right direction.

Even if I don't always help.

Todays lesson had been about life, and things that grow.  You know, trees grow, and frogs grow so we know they are alive.  Rocks don't grow, so we know they aren't alive.

After hearing this criteria for 'life' I looked at my wife through narrowed eyes, and asked what this meant for the status of Crystals. 

Luckily, while she was in the kitchen, there was no frying pan handy to throw at me.  'That's exactly why your older daughter wasn't in the room when I was trying to teach that section.  She would have asked the same thing!' 

I'm really not sure why she keeps me around.

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