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Our newest nominee for Worst Parent in the World...

It's been a few weeks since I read a story that caused me to break out my 'there should be a license and test required to have children' soapbox, which is actually a good thing.  The kind of stories that cause me to break out in that kind of stuttering rage are often fatally tragic, and I would prefer to never have to read that kind of story.  This is the real world though, and so horrible things will continue to happen to children who don't deserve it happen to them.

Today's nominee is an as-yet nameless 26-year old mother of 4(5 years, two years, and twin 11-month olds), who apparently didn't realize that 11-month old twins CAN'T watch out for themselves in the bathtub.  She apparently left both babies in the tub to marinate for a while and she went and did whatever it is that 26-year old horrible people do while their children are BOTH allowed to drown in the tub. 

Holy Crap. 

The police didn't have any immediate answers or statements, although someone from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families said that 'Child Maltreatment' contributed to the two deaths.  Really?  How much is that state paying the person who made that decision.  What an understatement...leaving your two 11-month olds in the tub would be AT LEAST child maltreatment in my book.  Is there any proof of chronic maltreatment?  What kind of shape are the 5 and 2 year old in?

Talking to my wife, we both think there is something hinky going on here.  Now, we never walked away from our children taking baths until there were about 3 years old, and even with my almost 6 year old I check on her every 2 or three minutes...longer if things get quiet in the bathroom(it's strange that as a new parent, you want quiet, but as the kids get older, you get suspicious of quiet)...but, we were trying to figure out how long you would have to walk away from a bathtub for TWO 11-month old babies(old enough to sit up and try to stand/walk on their own) to drown.

That's where we get suspicious...for two 11-months old babies to BOTH drown in less than 10-15 minutes, that is some horrible bad luck...or, maybe(I feel like Nancy Grace here) they had a little help.  My initial gut feel on this(based off zero evidence, just an increasing dislike of the human race) if these poor children might have had some help.

Hopefully, more evidence/data comes out shortly on this story...I'd be interested to see an interview of the dad also...the stories say the guy was off at work when this happened...not sure how my mental stability would be after being told my two youngest children had drowned together in the tub because my wife forgot about them...

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