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Newest Nominee for Worst Parent in the World.

Our newest Nominee comes to us from Dallas, where a two year-old girl is currently on life-support in a hospital over a POTTY TRAINING ISSUE

With both my daughters, there were times during the potty training process that I was extremely frustrated.  We did horrible, horrible things to them, like making them go sit on the toilet every two hours whether they needed too or not, or telling them no drinks after 7PM...at least, it felt to me like we were being horrible.  Even with my frustration, both of girls were potty trained by the normal age.

Never once, even at my most frustrated, did I EVER think that gluing a little girls hands to the wall was the right answer.  Making them sit on the toilet: applicable corrective action to the problem.  Gluing hands to the wall and beating them with a belt and a shoe so loud and so long your other kids can't sleep?  String her up.

Then, the mom act's all hysterical the next day when she calls HER mom...What did you think the result of gluing your child to a wall and beating them was going to be?!?!?!?!?!?

Potentially the same horrible result that happens when you don't give your child anything to drink for five days...and THAT one was in Texas also.  I know it's been a record hot summer down there this year...do you suppose peoples brains are beginning to cook? 

I hope and pray that this poor little girl recovers.  If she doesn't then I pray she doesn't suffer anymore.

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  1. Wow. Epic parenting failure. I have my moments where my little Monkey drives me nuts but seriously? Not even going to consider going there. Poor little baby. I wish I could take in all these hurt kids and show them what real mom's and dad's love is like.