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Getting lost can lead to bad things...

Yesterday, an unfortunate bull moose took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, and ended up stuck in an irrigation canal just north of Pasco Washington.

A bunch of big heads, as well as some folks with common sense got together, and after several attempts top herd the bull around and out of the canal, it was decided that there was no real safe way to get a riled up 1000 pound bull moose hauled out of a canal with steep 20 foot concrete sides...alive that is.  After several hours of contemplation, the Fish and Game Department made the decision to put the moose down.  

Kind of a bummer....the moose population is doing pretty good in the north-east corner of the state.  I want to say that back in 1993, there were 10 tags issued for modern firearms moose hunting in Washington...this year there were over 100 tags issued.  It's still a 'life-time' draw for moose here...if you get selected for a moose tag, it's the only one your ever going to get, so, seeing a moose get 'wasted' is kind of a bummer, but, I think the folks on the scene made the right call. 

Once the moose was shot(in case you were wondering if a 12-gauge slug is 'enough gun' for moose, it is!), a tow-truck was used to drag the moose out of the canal.  Once on dry land, two volunteers from the Richland Rod and Gun Club Lyle and Gilk Berry, field dressed the animal, and the meat was going to be delivered to the Union Gospel Mission in Pasco, so...it's not a total waste, and a somewhat happy ending. 

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