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Calgon, take me away!

I love my children, very, very much.  There are times though(and most parents will agree with me) when you need a little break from all that love.  Being in an apartment, there are only so many places a man can go to get away, and so, when I take my showers, I like no being disturbed.  Just me and the water.

This morning SWMBO had a dental appointment, and so I left the girls camped in front of the TV with orders to get dressed when their current episode of Johnny Test was over, and headed up stairs.

I had only been in the shower about 90 seconds when the water started cycling hot and cold on me.  No problem...kids going to the bathroom down stairs.  After about the third flush in a row, I started getting a little curious about what was going on, but I didn't need to be curious long...there was the clatter of little footsteps, and then my youngest was outside the door.  'Daddy...the toilet downstairs is overflowing!'

Sigh.  I thought about hiding in the shower until the water went cold on me, but we can't hide from our responsibilities.  Besides, as I thought about what had happened earlier in the morning, I remembered using a handful of paper towels to clean some recycled mouse out of the snakes tank about an hour before hoping in the shower, so, chances are, I'M the one who caused the tank to back up in the first place.

Besides, by saving the hot water, I was able to finish my shower after fixing the toilet!

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