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Well, here's an idea...wear it!

For the 2nd time in a two year period, an 80-year old man in Bremerton had his Rolex Watch stolen, and for the 2nd time in two years, he got it back from the same pawn shop in downtown Bremerton.

The story starts in late 2009, when a guy came in and pawned a genuine Rolex at Callow Pawn and Jewelry for the grand total of $60.  The shop owner realized that in the pawn business, you 'can't be judge and juries', but as a good bit of CYA, he wrote down the serial number and reported it to the police, which he says is routine with most merchandise he buys. 

Fast forward a while, and earlier this year, the watches rightful owner is in THAT pawn shop, looking for watch batteries(I know, pawn shops aren't where I go for batteries either) and makes a comment about having 'bad luck with watches'.  He then proceeds to tell the owner of the shop a hard luck story, going as far as to give him the name of the guy he thinks stole it from him.  Sure enough, that is the name the pawn shop owner wrote down buying it from, so, he gave the guy back his watch.  Good karma. 

On Monday of this week, the 80-year old man shows back up at the pawn shop, with another sad story.  His Rolex has once again grown legs and walked out of his house.  This time he feels it was the 'trusted young man' who does his yard work.  By coincidence, later on that very afternoon, two young men walk into the shop with the watch in question.  Our helpful clerk uses his cell phone to get some video of them, as another employee writes down their license plate number, and they are soon speaking to the Bremerton Police.

What a happy ending in a coincidence filled story.  Bremerton isn't a big city, but it's also not THAT small of a town.  I can think of at least 5 pawn shops I used to drive past in Bremerton without even thinking hard...for that watch to end up in the same one twice...pretty world. 

This also says a lot about who you can trust. 

For me, the only reason this story really caught my eye was the Rolex.  Since I was in my early 20's, for some reason a Rolex always struck me as one of the ultimate 'I have made it and am financially successful' rewards you could do for yourself....I mean, spending $5,000 for a watch, when there are watches that cost 5 percent of that that are amazing looking has GOT to be one of the ultimate 'have money to burn' symbols. 

It's still on my list, behind an RV, a boat, a 4-wheeler, a new car for SWMBO, college for the kids, a Barrett .50...and the list get's longer...

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