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Daughters first trip to the range!

Took my older daughter to the range today for the first time.  We have done basic gun safety at the house, but every-other time I have asked her if she wants to go shooting, she has not seemed very excited.  This is the first time she gave a strong 'Yes' answer, so off we went.

We didn't bring much to the range...our Walther P22, our Ruger Mk II, and our 10/22.  Well, I brought the Firestorm .380, just in case things went really well, but it never made it out of the bag.

Things went okay, for a first trip.  The only gun I needed to have brought was the Walther P22.  The Mk II with it's heavy 6 7/8 inch barrel was too heavy, and the 10/22, which I though she would dig with it's red dot, was just too cumbersome for her to be comfortable with.  I know some people start their kids with those cute little cricket bolt-actions, but I didn't see anything wrong with what we had on hand.  That little Walther actually fit her hands pretty good...better than it fits mine  I was happy to see that she had no flinching.  More than once, she dropped the hammer with the safety on, and she was flinch free(I know, it's only a .22).

 You must load before you can unload, grasshopper. 

Let's see...safety was followed, although one time daddy had to grab her wrist when she tried sweeping the firing line...and it was my fault.  Every time the gun was loaded, I stayed right behind her, so there are no action shots....but there was once when I let my guard down just because the gun had locked open on an empty magazine. She had a good time, which is important to me.  The most frustrating aspect for me was trying to get her to use her right eye....very resistant to it. 
My goal all along has been to let the girls take things at their own pace(or slower than their pace...younger daughter wasn't pleased to be left home).  My father tried pushing golf on me, and I pretty much hate the sport.  I don't know what I would do if I ruined shooting for the girls...I WANT them to enjoy it.  We only fired about 30 rounds today, and then she was getting a little shaky.  Having dad standing in her shadow was taking a stress toll on her.  But, once we were back in the car she asked if we can go alone again some time, so that is a good sign.  So is the smile...although it might have just been the sun in her eyes...

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  1. So is she left eye dominant? It'd be worthwhile to check that.