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Some people focus on the wrong things....

A few weeks ago, The System worked, and police officers in Mukilteo rescued an 'emaciated' ten year old girl from a bad situation. 

A store owner noted that the young girl came into the store with a gash on her arm, and a 'sunken face and the outline of her bones clearly visible.'  He called CPS, and the responded promptly, having the police make a house call.  It should be noted that this was not the first complaint lodged against these fine folks.  The police responded, and it sounds like the almost walked out, before the girl showed them her ribs.  The police removed her from the situation

While at the police station awaiting the CPS folks, the young girl ate 4 pop-tarts, some pretzels and some pop-corn.  After she was brought to the hospital by the CPS folks, she weighed 51 pounds, which is really close to what my daughter weighed at age 7....and she is not a big girl.

Hooray for the system.

Not everyone is happy though.  Margaret Walton, writing for the South Whidbey Record, was not pleased.  She feels that feeding a 51-pound 10-year old girl some pop-tarts, pretzels and pop-corn is horrible, horrible stuff. 

I don’t know about you, but to me that constitutes further abuse.
You're right...you don't know me.  What a silly, silly, thing to say.  Talk about being out of touch with reality, and not realizing how bad of a place the world is.  She also went on to through a few insults at most police officers in general, saying this must explain why she has 'not seen a svelte, trim, muscular-looking police officer, from Mukilteo or anywhere else, in any TV news broadcast for quite some time.'


The Mukilteo Chief of Police, took it upon himself to write Margaret Walson a nice letter. To his immense credit, Chief Caldwell kept the letter MUCH more professional than I think I would have been able to, which once again proves that I don't have it in me to be a 'good cop.'  He politely puts her in her place on the physical ability of police officers, while leaving zero doubt that he has the backs of his officers. 

 Well Done, Chief Caldwell.  Keep up the good work. 


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