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Oh California...you kill me...

I had a dream the other night that some crazy State Senator down in California decided that working families and parents of small children didn't already have enough to worry about, so he thought it would be neat to introduce a bill requiring that 'domestic employee's'(like nannies and babysitters) be protected from the abuse they are suffering.  This protection would take the form of overtime pay, worker's comp protection, and a required 10 minute break every four hours, and a half hour lunch break after 5 hours...which means you as parent might need a 2nd childcare provider to watch your kids during that half-hour lunch break.  Finally, it would require 'domestic employee's' get paid at least minimum wage.

This dream was so realistic, I woke up checked things on the computer, only to find out it wasn't a dream!  

Okay...before I really get warmed up here, and people think I'm insulting nannies, I'm not trying to.  Caring for a child, especially someone else's child, is NOT something I think I could do for 40+ hours a week long term.  I have the ability, but fear I lack the temperament.

To be fair before ranting, this bill does have wording that exempts folks under the age of 18, and family members, so it is at least tailored so that what it really applies to are 'professional' home caregivers, making it slightly less heinous that it could be...kind of like finding out your doctor has small hands when you go in for a prostate exam. 

All those disclaimers out of the way, here's where I could potentially offend some people:  Despite the fact that I have already admitted being a nannie is not something I am sure I could do long term, I also don't think it is a form of employment that deserves to be treated like other forms of 'professional employment' deserve to be treated.  It must be something to do with California, because I went through this same slow burn several years ago, when the San Diego County grocery store employees were on strike, because they wanted better benefits and $20 an hour for moving groceries across an optic scanner....something I can now do myself at 50% of the stores out there.

Not all jobs are created equal, and in my world, I find it unreasonable that some people expect that every job provide a living wage, just because you happen to work it 40-hours a week.  I have ALWAYS felt that running a check-stand at a grocery store would be a 2nd-job type thing...not something someone should expect to make over $40,000 a year doing.  Look at me being all high, mighty and elitist. 

Hey, if we are talking a husband and wife that are lawyers, and they want to spend extra money for The Best Nannie Money Can Buy to take care of Thad and Buffy while they are off at work...fine...that's supply and demand.  They have money supply, they can demand the best. 

Bah...I'm not even sure where I am going with this anymore, because it simply frustrates me..and it shouldn't because I don't live in California, and I don't employee a Nannie for my kids...but that doesn't stop it from offending me to the bottom of my soul. 

There is a small part of me that hopes it passes.  Let California pass every goofy law it wants too...maybe it will give the rest of the United States an opportunity to see what happens when the 'Bread and Circuses' get out of control, before it's too late to fix things in the other 49 states...

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