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Ooo...it's a test!

SWMBO has already left for the weekend...she is going to the Women of Faith Conference in Spokane for the weekend.  Amy Grant is the headliner, and as someone who was 'coming of age' in the early 1990's, I wouldn't mind seeing the old Amy Grant, but I'm not sure there would be anything to gain by a guy like me crashing a Women of Faith concert.

Anyway, as I was contemplating a busy weekend with my daughters, sitting around in our PJ's, eating take and bake pizza and watching Phineas and Ferb, SWMBO 'recommend' that I take the girls to visit my mom.  She was planning on taking the girls in Mid-October while I was deer hunting, but it's not like Nana or the girls would mind seeing each other two months in a row.

The only real protest I had was that HER plan would involve me spending 4 hours in the car, each way, all alone with the girls.  Her answer was the same one she uses on our darling children: 'Suck it up, Buttercup'.

So, shortly, we will be jumping in the car to head to Kirkland.  My goal is arrive just before rush-hour traffic locks down the I-5 corridor, and maybe make a stop or two along the way(well, with 6 and 9 year old bladders, there will be at least one stop...oh hell, who am I kidding....my 36-year old bladder will need at least one stop, also).

This will be a major test of acclamitization for me....how used to Eastern Washington have I gotten.  Wednesday at Hanford, it was 95 degrees.  Today(and tomorrow, and the next two months) in Kirkland it's supposed to be 63, and drizzly.  I used to LOVE that weather...now we'll see if like my wife, I complain about growing mildew as soon as I make it over the pass. 

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