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The Opposite of Gourmet

Taco Bell can barely be considered food...but sometimes, you are in the mood for barely food.  After reviewing their breakfast menu and finding it...lacking, I was eager to give them a chance to redeem themselves, and so I finally got to sink my teeth into their Dorito's Loco Taco.

It was really pretty good in that 'I know I'm taking 3 months off my life for every bite that I take' kind of way.  The Dorito's flavor goes perfectly with the fake taco meat in the shell...ummm...Yum!  I can certainly see myself pounding 5 or 6 of these after a night of drinking...

Luckily, my wife is there to make sure things like that don't happen. 

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  1. My uncle termed the opposite as a gourmand. Volume, for him, over quality. As for TB, or McD, or whatever? I doubt if it takes an ounce of life away, and as a treat, probably adds a bit. Everyday, sure.

    Oh, as to the wife? I really have to get me one of those. I've put the bottle up, mostly, save a swig of really good scotch a few times a year, or beer once an occasional, but a lot of other things could certainly do with a woman's touch, guidance, threat of claw hammer... Did they have any extra at the store where you got yours? :p